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Haan! quite a few friends wrote testimonials for me on LinkedIn, Orkut and Facebook .
I find these testimonials quite interesting and looking at them I am myself quite surprised!

Amol MujumdarDirector – Engineering/Technology, India Ltd,  May 14, 2009
“Until recently, I have been Krishna’s immediate supervisor for several years.
I found him to be consistently pleasant, tackling all assignments with dedication and a smile.
Besides being a joy to work with, Krishna is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits.
He has successfully developed several process automation tools for our company that have resulted in increased efficiency and revenue.
Though he was an asset to our technology efforts, Krishna was also extraordinarily helpful in other areas of the company like SEO and product management.
In addition to developing effective modules for our mobile VAS business, Krishna assumed a mentors role in group meetings, inspiring and motivating other employees.
He is a team player and would make a great asset to any organization.”



Pallavi KelkarSr. Software Programmer,,  December 27, 2010
worked directly with Krishna at
“Krishna Reddy is very knowledgeable technocrat and a dedicated professional. He always put his 100% with never give up attitude. He has also got good leadership quality with ability to motivate and help people around. Absolutely, an asset to any company he chooses to work with.”





Orkut Testimonials

Prakash strikes a pose to impress his grand children1/28/08 Vaka Jaya Prakash, (IIT Madras), Software Project Manager, Cognizant, HyderabadKittu is my childhood friend. Always you can find him in jubilant mood. He used to be inspirational for all of us in studies and goal setting. He is informative, intellectual, motivational, enthusiastic and compassionate. He enjoys life in its fullest, as his only concern is “HERE & NOW”. He keeps himself always in high spirits through spiritual practices. He keeps his potential blossomed day by day through spiritual practices.
Personally. I can cherish many memories that I had with Kittu. We used to be cycling heavily in Anaparti and surrounding villages to attend marriages, curricular, cocurricular and extracurricular, intellectual and nonintellectual activities…. and it was all joyous and funny!
Kittu had a crush on a girl, who had always kept herself updated on the latest fashion trends! Kittu is now all set to hone Lord Krishna style in romantic front and is trying to find his soul mate Rahda!
It is obvious that I am blissful to have a wonderful friend Krishna Reddy 🙂

11/14/07 Harshal Jadhav, Software Manager, Cognizant, Switzerland; Art of Living Teacher
Krishna!!! sweet little naughty fellow:) when he laughs ur energy level will increase looking at him!And he will always see that you are happy, if u get a chance pls do not miss any lunch or dinner with himu will be treated like a King!But this sweet fellow is naughty haa…You would be really happy to have him as a friend in your life, u will feel blessedKrishna also liked to live Knowledge what he hears and so he lives a cool life filled with funhis face reflects calmness and u may go in a meditative mood looking at him..may be bcos he himself enters meditation effortlessly due to his clear mind. I am lucky to have Krish in my life!


10/28/07 Faizaan Marolia(IIT Bombay), Amazon, Bangaloreyes, he is innocent, and blissful and caring.. but most of all, Krishna is utterly selfless. I have learnt very much from him on the art of giving. Thank you, my friend. May you always stay the positive child you are.


8/5/07 Aniruddha Mudgal, Manager, Wallmart

wish u happy friendship day u being like a friend, brother,father,mother, u played all the roles without any inhibitions & with lots of love thanks for being such a wonderful friend , i feel blessed 2 know u K

3/18/07 Archana Gandhi Kulkarni, a great artist and story teller :), PuneAb kya khehna krishna ke baremein.bade hi khush mijaz type ka bandha hai.very sweet n helpful.No words can describe his caring n loving attitude.Always smiling no matter wht happens which i like the most.Full of life n always enthu.A reliable person.Funny at times but a true friend to be with. i hope we have long lasting friendship.


archana_harish2/23/07 Archan Harish, Infosys, USAHey Krishna…… 🙂
What should i write…hmmmm….well… the first time i saw him….he looked so much like “krishna” the way i had imagined him…the same sweet mischievous smile..natkhata pan…..sweetness and playfulness….. a total chala achi bujji papa….. 🙂
One rare quality of Krishna is He can play a perfect host to a any number of odd weary tiresome group….that too at a very short notice….. 😉
Right now….i m soooooo angry that i dunno what to write……. One more side is his Dangerous angle…just experienced a tinge of it right now……Uski bholi bhali surat(his profile pic) pe mat jaao……asal mein ek pura devil incarnate hai………. he ll play the most amazing (Jo aap kabhi sapney mein bhi nai sochoge)pranks on u…n when u r like totally in a mood to bash him….. he ll give his trademark laugh that all ur anger will just wither away…… i guess i ll just leave u a blasting voice mail thn….
Dont ever change dear…….
Luv, Archie…..

Chetna1/3/07 Chetna Singh, Citigroup, Mumbaihe has got a very sweet smile on his face.looks lively and fresh.sometimes go wid emo (hahaha u know for what-ur dinner and ur pav-bhaji).a very good host.good hearted and a nice soul 🙂


aniruddha_mudgal12/19/06 aniruddhak-kool
i-ideal &
Words are not enough to express KriSh, His company is divine. Things just happen when you are with him he is the one who brings u back to the present moment,the one who brings back your lost smile.He has mind-boggling qualities. His intelligent & innocent such a rare quality. A leader who gives u chance to lead and take responsibility for every action. I am blessed to know kris as a friend.


12/13/06 Rajesh Kathirvel, Software Project Manager, Tata Consultancy Services, Chennai; and Art of Living Teacher, Chennai
Thanks GOD!!! I thought i am going to meet some dangerous people in Mumbai. I met so many nice people including……..
Krishna Reddy: Very Nice and Ever Smiling Person with high youth spirit. he has started his journey in the society wellness change through the individual person change. Sri Sri GURU Dev may wish him for his successful jouney………..Jai GURUDev










12/12/06 Ashish Gujalwar, Kanbay, Hongkong
Krishna Reddy – ‘A scientist with spirit’. He is a nice person. Few months back we meet & we become friend. He is caring, will talk to anyone without hesitation. He is a hard core AOLiet, likes to talk to different people & do SEVA. He is having great future. I wish good luck for his future.








Kishore Reddy, Manchester, UK
I am not expecting anything from you sir. This is a real appreciation (normally people praise each other with future purpose). I did not remember how I added you on facebook. But I am happy with it. You are really unique human being, talented, responsible to the society and serving for our country spiritually and economically. I won’t say your smile but purity of your face is amazing. From the bottom of my heart wish you all the success in your life…. May be I am little boring and complicated… I am expressing this after following your facebook posts so much.


Rashmi Chowdary
Rashmi Chowdary
, Writer, Actress and Movie Critic, Hyderabad.
7th September 2016
You inspire people a lot.. How did you get that?! Someday you will be in a very important position for this country. I will tell my kids that day that I know you. Your hard working nature is something every individual should have these days and you don’t expect any money out of this. A pure social responsibility which is a very rare habit of a human these days is filled inside you. I have seen like lakhs of men and even men in important roles of this country (both educated as well as uneducated political leaders), fighting for money, fame, position, power and you on the other hand cannot be compared to anyone. You should join politics someday and sweep the entire dust on India and make it really work like how we want our country to be and only you can do it . If at all someday if you still remember me… I will hunt you down for your autograph! 🙂

Runjhun Mehta
, Artist, Karnal, Haryana
7th September 2016
You are love!
You are peace!
You are a true human!
You are someone worth sharing things with!
You are a mentor!
You are an inspiration!
You are a pure soul!

Amrita Lawrence, Writer, Photographer, Wildlife Activist
Amrita Lawrence, Writer, Photographer, Wildlife Activist

25th May 2017,  Amrita Lawrence, Writer, Photographer, Wildlife Activist, Hyderabad
Today I was pleasantly surprised to hear some “nice” words about myself from from Amritha Lawrence, a young writer, traveler, photographer and enthusiastic wildlife activist!
So she wanted to say something about me and she has posted it in a Five Point Format on her facebook timeline! Here it goes:
1. How we met?
We met at Lamakaan (an open cultural space at Banjara Hills in Hyderabad). We were there to watch a documentary on wolves of India.
(Incidentally this event was attended by famous actress and animal activist Akkineni Amala, Tollywood star Akkineni Nagarjuna’s wife)
2. My first impression of you
Charming with a child like curiosity and a very soft voice that gives warm feels, you are someone people want to talk to no matter what.
3. What I like about you.
You love helping people out and promoting a cause that would help the others to become or achieve great heights. You have this spiritual persona that’s always comforting. You respect individuals for who they are and try to encourage them to speak their stories through any medium you can find.
4. Favorite memory of you.
Our first meet at Lamakaan.

5. Should you do this??

Most definitely you should do this!
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