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Founder and Chief Editor of A Post-Graduate from IIT Bombay, I am a social entrepreneur and Founder of iDiya Web Solutions, a Hyderabad based software company. Follow my ideas and updates on my profile !

Bharat’s Timeless Legacy: Celebrating Independence Day and Her Glorious Spiritual-Cultural Heritage

As India unfurls her tricolor on this momentous Independence Day, we not only celebrate the struggles and triumphs that paved the way for our sovereignty but also pay homage to a heritage that transcends time and geography – India’s rich spiritual and cultural legacy.

From the banks of the Ganges to the majestic temples of Khajuraho, India’s spiritual and cultural heritage is a tapestry woven with threads of devotion, artistry, and wisdom. The land that birthed great saints, philosophers, and scholars has also been a cradle of civilizations that nurtured profound insights into the human experience.

Indian spirituality is a beacon that guides seekers from all corners of the world. The teachings of Yoga, ancient texts like the Vedas, Upanishads, and Bhagavad Gita have illuminated paths of self-discovery and enlightenment for millennia.

Art and culture in India are expressions of the soul that have transcended generations. The intricate carvings of Ellora, the soul-stirring ragas of Indian classical music, and the vibrant festivals that paint the landscape with a myriad of colors – all resonate with a cultural richness that has left an indelible mark on the world.

Independence Day is a reminder that our journey to freedom was shaped not just by political aspirations, but also by the values that our spiritual heritage nurtures. Valor, Courage and Resilience championed by freedom fighters like Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, and Veer Savarkar etc were inspired by ancient Indian philosophies, like Bhagavad Geeta, reminding us that our cultural legacy isn’t just an artifact of the past, but a living force that guides our present and future.

As we celebrate this day, let us remember that our cultural heritage is not a relic to be preserved behind glass, but a source of strength and inspiration that must be passed down to future generations. In a globalized world, India’s spiritual teachings can guide humanity towards harmony, tolerance, and sustainable living.

Our cultural heritage is a bridge connecting us with our roots, but it is also a lens through which we can envision a better future. By embracing our traditions while adapting to modern challenges, we can foster innovation, education, economy and social progress, inspired byvwith our ancient spiritual wisdom.

In conclusion, as we raise our flag on this Independence Day, let us not only celebrate our nation’s political sovereignty but also honor the spiritual and cultural heritage that sets us apart. Let us draw from the depths of our traditions to create a brighter future based on our Vedic wisdom. This Independence Day, as we pay homage to our history, let us also embrace the enduring values that define our identity – values that have illuminated the world for centuries. Jai Hind!

Happy New Year 2023

Dear friends,

Wish You and Your Family a Very Happy, Prosperous and Fulfilling New Year 2023.

May all your dreams come true this year and you achieve great success in all your endeavours!

– Krishna Reddy 🙏🎁😇

Client Budget vs Expectation

Some customers have a budget of peanuts but they demand cashew nuts!
– Greek Proverb

Business people often experience this: Some clients have tiny budget but have a huge expectation! How many of you have experienced it?!


Thank you friends for your birthday wishes! ?

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Corona Helpdesk


Dear Friends,

I am developing a Corona Helpdesk /Healthcare Call Center platform initiated by a group of doctors . Can you suggest a good, simple, easily relatable name?
How about “Check KaroNa”?! Please Suggest any other names that you think may be appropriate. Thanks in advance.

– Krishna Reddy

Lockdown should be lifted with required measures


It was good decision that Indian prime minister Narendra Modi ji has imposed lockdown throughout the country in view of Codid19 pandemic. It has helped the slow down the disease growth. It has instilled discipline and social distancing among the citizens. It has averted a loss of life.

However the lock down has also caused a lot of suffering to middle class people, poor families and business owners. And it has impacted the economy heavily too. But we, as a nation needs to make some compromises considering the loss of life that the disease would have caused without the the nationwide lockdown that Modi government has imposed.

Today our beloved prime minister Modi ji will address the nation again at 10 AM to announce the further steps. It is widely speculated that he will announce the extension of the lockdown, pssoibly with a few relaxations. In the prevailing situation, the whether to extend the lock down or not is a tough decision for any government to make.In my opinion, the lockdown should be lifted with some measures like banning the social gatherings. Now all the people are equipped with the basic knowledge about the preventive measures. It’s now the individuals’ responsibility to take care of their health and follow preventive measures like social distancing, using masks, gloves, sanitizers etc.Every action comes with some cost. We need to have a balance.I suggest the following:
1) Lockdown should be lifted after today, the 14th April 2020.
2) All the economic activity should be restored with a few exceptions.
3) All the shops and malls should be opened, lest the small businesses and dependent workers and families don’t have to starve or get into the burden of debts or losses.
4) All the social gatherings, meetings, conferences should be banned.
5) All the public meetings should be conducted using online video conferencing tools.
6) All the schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutes should remain closed. Educational activities should be done using online classes.
7) Movie theatres should remain closed.
8) Pubs, discos and all other entertainment activities should be closed.
9) Social activities, parties, gatherings should banned till the situation gets into control.
10) Public religious activities must be strictly prohibited.
11) All the mosques, churches, temples, guru dwaras etc must be closed for public.
12) Everyone must wear masks and gloves every time they step out of house.
13) Everyone must sanitize themselves before they step out of and after they reach back homes.
14) Online deliveries should be restored.
15) All the business/economic activities such as shops, manufacturing and other industries should be restored with the exceptions mentioned above.
16) Agriculture sector should be boosted.
17) Supply chain systems and transportation of all the goods should be restored to the normal.
18) Public transportation such as buses, trains, flights should remain closed.
19) Private transport should be restored. Rental taxi services including bikes should be restored.

There is a price that we have to pay for everything. But continuing the lock down in the present situation will cause more suffering to the nation than lifting it.
लोका समस्ता सुखिनो भवन्तुः
ॐ शन्तिः शन्तिः शन्तिः
లోకా సమస్తా సుఖినోభవంతు
ఓం శాంతి శాంతి శాంతిః
May the whole World be Happy and Peaceful

Nominating Zahabiya Kanchwala for #SheInspiresUs on Womens’ Day 2020

Zahabiya Kanchwala, Founder of VeeCap Innovations
Zahabiya Kanchwala, Founder of VeeCap Innovations.

On the occasion of International Womens Day 2020 I nominate dynamic entrepreneur Zahabiya Kanchwala, Founder of VeeCap Innovations for #SheInspiresUs campaign initiated by Honorable Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi! She is also the CEO of Imperial de Decors a Glass Decors company based in Hyderabad. Presently she is also serving as Telangana State President of National Human Rights and Women Child Commission and Hyderabad City General Secretary of BJP Minority Morcha.

Ms Zahabiya is a dynamic, energetic, passionate and compassionate leader who is committed towards building a better India by reviving Bharatiya Sanskriti / Indian Cultural Values, traditions and promoting eco-holistic tourism which benefits the rural economy of Bharat. Besides being an entrepreneur, philanthropist and political leader, Ms Zahabiya is also a Karma Yogi and Spiritual person, who draws her bubbling energy from the daily practice of meditation at the auspicious Brahma Muhurta between 3:30 to 3:50 AM every day! 

Zahabiya also contributes towards building a prosperous India thru entrepreneurship development which is one of the core objectives of VeeCap Networking Forum (VNF). With its spectrum of entrepreneurial initiatives, VNF encourages and promotes budding entrepreneurs who are founders/promoters of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states of India! Wishing good luck to Zahabiya in all her noble endeavors.

Kundalini awakening!

Like a smoke rising from fire, the kundalini shakti, freed through the nadis, rising from the muladhara, merges into the cosmic void (vyom). This citizen (nagari, that is Kundalini), like a puff of smoke is a spectacle vibrating internally, enveloped by an ego-sense (ahamkara), which comprises the living being embraced by manas and buddhi. She is capable of moving about at will, entering into (niryati) a lotus stalk, a mountain, grass, a wall, a rock, the sky, or the surface of the earth. She alone becomes consciousness, establishing itself step by step, filed from beginning to the end with its fluid essence (rasa). Immersed in this essence, it becomes like a leather bag in water, O Rama, this quickly assumed any desired shape, as she places in the mind of an artist lines of certain shape. Due to influence of a resolute intention (drdhabhava) she develops an internal skeleton. Like a fetus growing inside a mother, this extremely subtle energy becomes established in its own germinated sprout. O Raghava, know this truth which has been formulated by the learned, that the energy of a living being (jivashakti) can turn itself into anything, from the Mt. Meru to a patch of grass.

Yoga Vasistha