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Celebrate Life.. Celebrate Death..

Today is my birthday.

Also yesterday was a death day;
Death of a family member my peddammamma, my mom’s aunt.
In my life this is the first death of a person, who is very close to me.
She died due to old age.

She gave selfless, unconditional love throughout the life, thus living the meaning of her name Annapurna.
She brought up my mother, me and my sister and other kids.

Last time I went to my home town, two months ago, she was moribund;
She cried upon seeing me.
I asked her, “Ammamma, what do you want from your life at this point of time?”
She said, “All I want is you people live happily.”
I wanted to ask “Do you want moksh (enlightenment)”, but did not.
I figured out probably enlightenment is not possible for her in this life time.
So I wished, in my mind, that she get one more splendid life before she attains the highest.
She left her mortal body yesterday, a very auspicious occasion Ashadha Ekadashi.
Though she is an illiterate, she lived full life, she gave throughout her life.
I think she has fulfilled the purpose of her life.
I will always cherish the years I spent with her.

May her soul rest in peace.

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