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Dan Dilbert: Why are we happy

In this video talk Dan Gilbert, author of Stumbling on Happiness, challenges the idea that we’ll be miserable if we don’t get what we want. He talks about our “psychological immune system”. Our “psychological immune system” lets us feel truly happy even when things don’t go as planned.

Often we think most of the time that we “will be” happy when we get “that”… be it passing a college exam, earning money, or having a good romantic relationship or buying a new car, house etc, getting a new job etc.
We think that a particular thing gives us a lot of happiness. But it turns out that, once we get that thing of our desire, it does not really give us as happiness as we expect it to give us. Those who achieve it are not necessarily happier than those who get it. More over we all have a “psychological immune system” that protects us from being unhappy when we get stuck.

Dan Gilbert says that often whatever happens in our life will have no effect on our happiness.

So the bottom-line is happiness is right HERE and NOW! So what are you waiting for? Be happy RIGHT NOW!

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