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Do political parties distribute cash to buy votes? – How much is it true?

We keep seeing news in media about the corruption ways of the political parties to buy people’s votes. Although election commission is trying to enforce strict election regulations, it by and large fails in taking action against those who violate the regulations.

We keep hearing about political parties distributing cash and liquor to people to buy votes. Is it true? Well, it is an open secret that everybody knows. Here is a direct evidence. Today I was educating our servant on how to vote in the new EVM (electronic voting machine) system at my home town Anaparti in Andhra Pradesh, India. My grand mother told her not to sell her vote to any party/candidate for cash; accept the money if anybody gives it, but don’t get influenced by it. Then I got curious and asked her whether anybody has already given her money. She revealed that Praja Rajyam party had given her Rs 250 and the ruling congress party had given Rs 500! This is true and this is what happens everywhere!! Anaparti’s congress candidate is Nallamilli Sesha Reddy and Praja rajam contestant is D R K Reddy. Well, though the latter is my relative, I can not support a person or a party that takes recourse to corruption to win elections. In fact, there is a wide spread news that Prajarajaym party sold Anaparti ticket for Rs 4 crores to D R K Reddy. It is widely believed that cine actor and Praja rajyam party president Chiranjeevi sold most of his party tickets and there are credible evidences for this. Many of the party internal sources too acknowledge this.

Why don’t the election commission and the police take stringent action against these perpetrators of crimes. Why don’t they cancel the candidature of the candidates? True they arrest some people here and there, seize some cash and liquor. But how much is it useful? All this is an eye wash. They should severely punish the actual contestants and cancel their candidature rather than arresting chota-mota volunteers.

In a nutshell, most of the politicians in India spend huge money for buying party tickets and then they buy poor people’s votes with cash and liquor. Then what service will they do to people when they come into power? They will be spending their time and energies to earn 10 times more money than what they spent. In fact, everybody knows that this is what congress chief minister (of Andhra Pradesh) Y S Rajasekhar Reddy did in the last five years. His family earned thousands of crores during his tenure as Andhra Pradesh’s chief minister. It is unfortunate congress and its president Sonia Gandhi supports such a corrupt leader.

As responsible citizens, we should vote “out” these corrupt parties and individuals and pave the way for a positive change by electing right candidates and parties.

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Prajarajam bribes voters for Rs 250.

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