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Hebbar Man! – My Orkut Testimonial

Well, Sandeep Hebbar, an old but evergreen friend of mine … was my hostel mate at IIT Bombay… a funny and nice guy to be with….

He is passionate and dispassionate at the same time… A rare quality!!
How are both possible simultaneously?
Well, for him there is no impossibility! (Read Bhagavadgita, if you have any doubts 🙂 )
If he wants something, he gets it; cracking into all the IIM’s or a pataoing a cute chick!

His hostel room used be a clutter. But now due to Sushma’s presence in his life, he enjoys a completely uncluttered life!

Wish you both all the best… you rock!!

This is my orkut testimonial for my friend Sandeep Hebbar

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