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Large Hadron Collider

Large Hadron Collider (LHC)

CERN (European Center for research in particle physics) is starting its biggest particle accelerator at its head quarters in Geneva.

Large Hadron Collider aerial view

The experiment that is being carried out could potentially create a tiny black hole that can suck in the world into itself.

Following is a conversation between me and my best friend Faizan Marolia.

Krishna Reddy: Dude!

Krishna Reddy: Chill out!

Krishna Reddy: Leave work for he day immediaely… V ll chill ou for one las ime!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Faizaan Marolia: umm

Faizaan Marolia: we will mee around 6 na?

Faizaan Marolia: i have work ill hen

Krishna Reddy: well no poin in working!

Krishna Reddy: as he world is gonna end oday

Faizaan Marolia: huh? why is he world goin o end oday?

Krishna Reddy: Well LHC is saring oday

Faizaan Marolia: wha is LHC now?

Krishna Reddy: large hadron collider a CERN

Krishna Reddy: which can poenially creae iny blackhole(s)

Faizaan Marolia: ah

Faizaan Marolia: sahee hai.

Faizaan Marolia: you really are very well informed

Krishna Reddy: So hey can potentially suck up he whole world ino i

Faizaan Marolia: wowie.. prey cool..

Faizaan Marolia: hen our lapops, everyhing will go in here righ?

Faizaan Marolia: or will hey say here??

Krishna Reddy: Yesssssssssss!

Faizaan Marolia: oh. so we’ll have o coninue working in here hen..

Krishna Reddy: has y here is no poin in working!!!

Krishna Reddy: hp

Faizaan Marolia: I don ge i

Faizaan Marolia: if we have o coninue working

Faizaan Marolia: i doesn’ maer wheher we are here, or no here

Faizaan Marolia: we may no even know he difference..

Krishna Reddy: na all he lappies will vanish ino a small piece of mass

Faizaan Marolia: oh

Faizaan Marolia: has prey cool

Faizaan Marolia: will we be alive?

Krishna Reddy: Na, no as bodies… our souls will remain hovering all over, reslessly!

Faizaan Marolia: ah

Faizaan Marolia: u believe in souls and all ha

Faizaan Marolia: ?

Krishna Reddy: I don believe in i…. coz i know i

Faizaan Marolia: as in?

Krishna Reddy: u believe sumhing ha u don know only…..

Faizaan Marolia: why?

Krishna Reddy: bu u ‘hink’ “i is so”

Faizaan Marolia: bu you know ha souls exis?

Krishna Reddy: Yes

Krishna Reddy: If no hen wo else r u?

Krishna Reddy: A dead piece of mass?

Krishna Reddy: Wihou consciousness?

Faizaan Marolia: well, u can make big saemens – bu ne-ne, he quesion is, wheher you hink here is somehing ha remains afer life expires

Krishna Reddy: Well, when u experience ur pure consiousness, wihou mind and body, hen u realize “oh! his is wha I am!!”

Krishna Reddy: Then u will come o “know” ha u r indepen of body

Faizaan Marolia: well, u are your mind

Faizaan Marolia: ha is one and he same

Faizaan Marolia: and your consciousness ends when you die

Faizaan Marolia: do you believe in ha, or do you believe ha i persiss.. hovering abou somewhere in he universe

Krishna Reddy: yes ha (mind) is a sep closer o urself…. bu no, i is no you

Faizaan Marolia: accha. so u don believe in ha.

Faizaan Marolia: has all i wan o know.

Krishna Reddy: well u r no he mind…. as mind is houghs, feelings and oher menal phenomena

Faizaan Marolia: mind is also consciousness

Faizaan Marolia: being aware

Krishna Reddy: u can be “conscious” wihou mind….

Faizaan Marolia: i is no differen

Krishna Reddy: in a no-mind sae

Faizaan Marolia: na.. i don hink you could be conscious if u didn’ have a mind

Krishna Reddy: u can b ‘presen’ and conscious even when he mind is no here, when her r no houghs

Faizaan Marolia: or some means of processing your sensory inpu

Faizaan Marolia: man.. wha do you mean by mind?

Krishna Reddy: well wihou consiousness u can hv mind – hos.

Krishna Reddy: bu he opposie is no rue…

Krishna Reddy: js like a dance can be here wihou dancer….

Krishna Reddy: bu he dancer can be here wihou dance

Krishna Reddy: mind is par of a larger hing called consciousness, no he oherway round

Faizaan Marolia: well, i hink he mind iself has given you consciousness.. whereas u believe i o be he oher way around..

Faizaan Marolia: has our basic disconnec

Krishna Reddy: Well, i define pure consciousness (consciness wihou mind) like his

Krishna Reddy: u know ‘I am’.

Krishna Reddy: u are aware ha u are

Krishna Reddy: bu u don know wehre u r and wha u r

Krishna Reddy: “I am”

Krishna Reddy: No “I am his” or “I am ha” or “I am indian” or “I am s/w engrr”

Faizaan Marolia: we have a difference has wy more basic han ha

Krishna Reddy: Is like ocean is he vas consciousness and a wave is a mind

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