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Money hai to honey hai

Watched “Money hai to honey hai” movie.
Here is a review of
“Money hai to honey hai” at:

After an offbeat debut in Swami, choreographer-turned-director Ganesh Acharya has tried his hand at comedy. And his new film, Money Hai Toh Honey Hai, starring Govinda [Images] and a host of actors, sure is funny in parts.

Money Hai is a story of six losers, Bobby (Govinda), Lalbhai (Manoj Bajpai [Images]), Gaurav (Aftab Shivdasani [Images]), Shruti (Celina Jaitley [Images]), Manik (Upen Patel [Images]) and Ashima Kapoor (Hansika Motwani [Images]). All of them are very ambitious. Bobby wants to make money without working, Lalbhai wants to be a good businessman but always loses money, Gaurav wants to open is own advertisement agency, Shruti wants to open her own boutique, Manik wants to be a supermodel and Ashima wants to become a television star and then enter Bollywood… More..

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Money hai to honey hai preview by Krishna Reddy
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