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PRP Shobha Rani's vulgar comments on actress Roja

Shobha Rani, women’s wing chief of Chiranjeevi’s Praja Rajyam Party (PRP) behaved in a vulgar way abusing famous actress Telugu Roja.
This video shows her vulgar comments and Roja’s countering.

Following is a post of Cine actor and congress contestant Rajasekhar’s wife jeevitha in her blog rajasekharam. she vehemently attacked chiranjeevi and shobha rani.
jeevitha writes:

Reacting to my post against Chiranjeevi, PRP mahila president Shobha Rani addressed a press conference yesterday advising me to maintain decorum. I am aghast that of all the people Shobha Rani, who has the dubious honour of mudslinging Roja, should advise me on decorum and dignity. This is like a devil quoting scriptures. I don’t think I should learn to be dignified from Shobha Rani.

If this was the dirtiest election campaign ever, the credit should go to Shobha Rani. I am amazed that she thinks she is an example of decorum herself. It’s time the PRP leader did some introspection or is it a case of memory lapse? Wasn’t she the one who vilified Roja? I don’t want to repeat the objectionable comments and choicest abuses Shobha Rani hurled against the former actress. But calling an actor a club dancer and vamp character does not bring ‘shobha’ to both the smear campaigner and the party. Her abuse of Roja was not only aimed at lowering the dignity of the actor but the womanhood itself.
Perhaps, Shobha Rani doesn’t understand that her deeply personal allegations were aimed at a candidate’s most precious asset: her reputation. The comments are demeaning, objectionable and defamatory. But I wonder if Shobha Rani understands the difference between a personal slur and a legitimate political argument. What was ironic was that while High Court advocate Shobha Rani unleashed a vilification campaign against Roja, the advocate of samajika nyayam remained a mute spectator.
I want to ask Shobha Rani and Chiranjeevi if they respect film artistes and women at all? Does Chiranjeevi subscribe to Shobha Rani’s viewpoint on female artistes?
Every election campaign has its share of hard-ball political tactics, but nothing is more discomforting than a smear campaign.
My criticism and my husband’s criticism against Chiranjeevi was issue based and not personal. My husband Rajasekhar called Chiranjeevi a wolf in sheep’s clothing, something that even PRP leaders like Parakala Prabhakar have been calling though not in the same words.

Can Chiranjeevi silence the popular anger against him over the allocation of seats? Can Chiranjeevi deny that the party tickets were not sold? Can Chiranjeevi deny that party tickets were not given to undeserving candidates?
Parakala Prabhakar and Samaram went on record to say that the social justice concept was only an appealing mask. Katari Eswar Kumar, Kesineni Srinivas, Masala Eeranna, M Sudershan and a long list of others remarked that the PRP has metamorphosed into a film production centre where the party tickets were auctioned to the highest bidder. Why even Shobha Rani was quoted in the media alleging that injustice was done while allocating party tickets. Is this the ‘maarpu’ that Chiranjeevi envisaged for the state?

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