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Amrita Lawrence: You Help others become or achieve great heights

Amrita Lawrence Writer
Amrita Lawrence Writer, photographer, Wildlife Activist
Amrita Lawrence, Writer, Photographer, Wildlife Activist

Well as you know quite a few people have said many “nice” things about me… Usually I don’t realize what is so “nice” about me until and unless someone tells me about it!
Quite a few people have said or written somethings about me.
So I guess and hope they are speaking from their heart! 😉

Today I was pleasantly surprised to hear some positive words about myself from Amritha Lawrence, a young writer, traveler, photographer and enthusiastic wildlife activist.
So she wanted to say something about me; and she has put it in a Five Point Format on her facebook timeline! Here it goes:
1. How we met?
We met at Lamakaan (an open cultural space at Banjara Hills in Hyderabad). We were there to watch a documentary on wolves of India.
(Interestingly this event was attended by famous actress and animal activist Akkineni Amala, Tollywood star Akkineni Nagarjuna’s wife)
2. My first impression of you
Charming with a child like curiosity and a very soft voice that gives warm feels, you are someone people want to talk to no matter what.
3. What I like about you.
You love helping people out and promoting a cause that would help the others to become or achieve great heights. You have this spiritual persona that’s always comforting. You respect individuals for who they are and try to encourage them to speak their stories through any medium you can find.
4. Favorite memory of you.
Our first meet at Lamakaan.

5. Should you do this??

Most definitely you should do this!