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Political reforms: Need of the hour

“Opposition” party is a wrong and politically incorrect word. If the purpose of political parties is to work for the country’s development, then where is scope for opposition? Are the political parties meant to oppose and fight each other? Or are they are they meant to work for the progress of the country?!
Indian democracy and political system have, by and large, failed. There is something seriously wrong with the foundation of modern Indian political system which was based on wrong models simply aping the west. This political system encourages parties to ‘fight’ for power rather than serve country and thus indirectly encourages corruption, vote-bank politics and ‘populist’ exploitative tendencies. Thought leaders need to (re)think on suitable working political models that are growth-conducive and encourages people and parties to serve….
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Special Status to Andhra Pradesh

Special Status for Andhra Pradesh

While dividing Andhra Pradesh into two states (Andhra Pradesh and Telangana), congress government has done lots of injustice to the divided Andhra Pradesh against the will of the people; It was done very rudely and undemocratically against the democratically elected assembly’s resolution.  It is unfortunate to see that “honest” and “corruption-free” BJP too was involved in this gruesome crime for its petty political gains. Why is Modi’s BJP government refusing to give the much-deserved special status and other supports to Andhra Pradesh? Shame on Narendra Modi and Venkaiah Naidu. Better late than never. At least now they must acknowledge the fact that they have done severe damage to AP, declare special status to AP and take speedy measures to rectify.

Special Status for Andhra Pradesh
BJP led NDA government must give Secial Status for Andhra Pradesh. Image source: Hams India