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Nature's Blessing and cursing powers…

Some rare people are gifted with incredible Blessing powers. Those who can Bless you are also given cursing powers by the Universe!
So watch out your words and actions when you are around them!

In fact my Guru Sri Sri Ravishankar Ji once said, “Meditators / spiritual people first get cursing powers; and then they will get Blessing powers much later”.
This is a law of nature. This is how the universe is designed to function… There is nothing personal in this!
To be able to Bless effectively, and you need a certain kind of energy in you and you must have experienced a 100% content state at least for a certain period of time at least once in your life. To experience this is not an ordinary feat that everyone can achieve it routinely. Some people mistakenly think that just having a good heart is good enough to be able to bless. This is a big myth.
I have practically seen both happening! This is especially so for those who have ever experienced intense Samadhi (higher states of consciousness / deep meditations ) . So watch out your words and actions when you are around them!