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Miracle at St Michael Church, Mahim, Mumbai

Miracle… Miracle… Jesus Christ bleeds !!
Where: St.Michael Church in Mahim, Mumbai – 400016
When: on 27.6.08 (Feast of our lady of perpetual succour)

What: A red colored liquid, resembling blood started oozing out of the heart of Jesus Christ ‘s picture. Thousands from all faiths flocked to witness this “miracle”.

Here is its video..

Mahim – the happening place

Bandra-Worli Sea Link in the making
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Mahim, the part of Mumbai, where I live, has always been in news… For all possible reasons.
Be it Bandra Worli Sea Link across the Mahim Creek, dubbed as one of the India’s engineering marvels or Mumbai bomb blasts.
Ariel view of Bandra and Mahim behind the Mahim creek in Mumbai.
A few days ago flamingos were spotted in Mithi river in Mahim Creek.
3 years ago thousands of people flocked to the Mahim creek, in the middle of the night, with buckets to taste the sea water that had suddenly turned sweet, a miracle attributed to 14th century’s Sufi Saint Baba Makhdoom Ali Mahimi!

Mahim is now again in news for a similar reason… another divine miracle.
This time its the legendary St. Michael’s Church that is in news.
Today “Bleeding” Christ is drawing thousands to the Church!
There is a 500 meter queue around the Church near my office to catch a glimpse of the miracle.

Beware: Mumbai Traffic Police tows away your vehicle

Mumbai Traffic Police, a short film by Krishna Reddy, at Mahim, Mumbai
(Pause the song at the bottom and view this video.)

See in this video, how faded and unreadable the parking signs are!
As it is, parking space is scarce in Mumbai. To top it all, Mumbai Traffic Police ruthlessly tows away your vehicles in a few moments that you are away from your vehicle! The hight is the police themselves park their vehicles on the wrong side for hours causing traffic congestion.
Hapeless car owners – beware!