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Nobel Prize 2010!

Nobel prize 2010: who will get it? Peace medal

Hmm, Nobel prize 2010! Well, here I am talking particularly about the Nobel Peace Prize, which is most coveted, controversial and is considered to be very prestigious. Internet is a Nobel Peace Prize candidate as proposed by wired magazine. Now a days Michael Jackson is proposed by many as a candidate for Nobel 2010. Well, presently I have no comments on it other than it seems that his fans are showing their “sympathy” and “loyalty” to the pop legend though the “sudden death”, “sympathy” and “loyalty” of some people are no criteria for his entitlement for the Prize. This is very similar to the mass mania of the ignorant people and selfish politicians that Y. S. Jagan should be made chief minister of Andhra Pradesh (An Indian state with population of 80 million people), just to show their sympathy and loyalty (and of course to gain their ulterior political motives) because his father Y. S. Rajasekhar Reddy died of air crash. How foolish and degraded – intellectually and ethically – people can be!
They wanted to give the leadership of 8 crore (80 million) people to to a 35 old years guy, who had had hardly, 2-3 months experience as a politician just because his father died! What kind of democracy is this? Or is it a dynasty???? Anyways that foolish issue is over now due to mature handling of it by Congress high command.
Moreover  The Norwegian Nobel Committee (Nobel peace prize committee) does not award the prize posthumously. To digress a bit, even Mahatma Gandhi, the most deserved candidate for the Prize, was no exception to this rule though the committee seriously considered to award him the Nobel Peace Prize 1948 for him after his murder by Nathu Ram Godse. Mahatma Gandhi proved to the world that you can “fight” successfully through innovative approach of “nonviolence”. Well it required tremendous spiritual strength and will power to achieve that and it may not always work out. Otherwise we don’t need armies, police etc at all! As our ancient scriptures say, we need to employ all the means –  Sama, Dana, Bheda and Dand to achieve our rightful.
Then there are long time claims by Art of Living and its followers that Sri Sri Ravishankar deserves Nobel Prize. He has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize at least 4-5 times now. I will write an elaborate article on He deserves the Nobel Prize, later, on my Art of Living Blog.
Well, we need to wait for about one more year to see who will get the coveted Nobel Peace Prize.
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