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We must fight injustice in India

Enough is enough! We need a second independence war in India now

I am feeling intensely angry, frustrated and helpless…. frustrated over Indian legal system, corruption unethicalness in police, government administration politics and general public. We are extremely helpless about the incompetence, inefficiency, ineffectiveness, red tape and unnecessary delays (and then expecting and forcing us, the hapless citizens, to respect and follow “Honorable” judges’ orders and (dis)”Honorable” courts without caring for your convenience of dates, for delivering justice.). Many judges autocratically misuse their “authority” by simply dictating and forcing you to attend at a date of their choice without caring for your request for an alternative date. Most of the court work is wasted just to give you “another” date.. but you are forced to attend the court “hearing” where they give you very little time.. just a few seconds to few minutes every time; so wasting your valuable time, money, efforts leaving behind your urgent appointments, meetings etc. A very small, minor and trivial civil problem that could be easily sorted out just in 2-3 hours of logical, legal and clear discussion/questioning/counseling are enough in most cases. But such a trivial case typically takes 3 -10 years to receive final judgment, and at the end, there is no guarantee for for justice.. due to inefficiency, red tapism (and judicial corruption in some cases). There are false matrimonial (divorce) cases that have run for more than 15 years only to be dismissed or granted, in which case the justice is no longer relevant and it is not justice any more, some times when the couple’s ages will be over 50-60 years! So when the legal system and judiciary are so inefficient why should we, hapless citizens, respect and follow such an anarchic legal system? India needs a massive revolution.. a second independent war. The only beneficiaries in the case are your incompetent lawyers who will have brought a plush flat from the legal fee you pay them for lying, cheating, misleading, wrongly advising the clients, colluding with the opponent parties. Of course there are a few exceptions.. competent good, honest and sincere lawyers exist; but very few of them are there.. they are like an oasis in a desert; but their services are too costly for a common man to afford. Typically a judiciary which is supposed to handle 300 cases has 2000 cases. So the judges themselves acknowledge the such incompetency of the courts. Most of the cases are evidently false and illegal ones and they could be dismissed at the beginning itself so it will save the time of courts and the parties involved and avoid the agony caused and the victims could be saved from unnecessary agony. I have a few ideas and solutions to problems facing Indian legal system.. which I will share later. The problem is not just with legal system. It is with many other systems.
Solutions to the problems facing India
So what are the solutions for the problems facing India, the spiritual light of the world?
We must fight a second independent war.
Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi
 The change happens from the ordinary citizens like you and I. 
India against corruption: Anna Hazare with Sri Sri Ravishankar, Kiran Bedi and Swami Agnivesh

Mahatma Gandhi in Dandi march.
Friends, please share your views/opinions/ideas/solutions to tackle this monstrous problem?
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